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How far can concrete be delivered?

As a practical matter, the simple answer is about 20 to 25 miles. Deliveries of longer distance can be made, but the maximum distance depends on several factors. Some of the things that determine how far deliveries can be made are the size of the job, weather conditions, climatic temperature, and traffic patterns along the route to the job.

How do I know what type of concrete to order for my job?

Concrete is specified primarily by compressive strength. If your project was designed by an engineer or architect, the concrete requirements will usually be specified on the plans. If yours is a "DIY" (do it yourself) project, we can recommend a mix design based on the application.

Does Standard Materials only provide the ready mixed concrete, or will they do a "turn key" job, which would include grading, forming, placing and finishing?

We only furnish the ready mixed concrete, but we maintain a list of experienced concrete finishers who would be able to provide an estimate for your project. We can furnish it to you upon request.

A friend had concrete delivered to his home, and in the process of driving the truck around the back of the house, the truck damaged an underground sewer line. The ready mix company refused to pay for the damage. What's your policy in the event of a situation like that?

It is the customer's responsibility to provide proper and adequate access to the job location. Concrete deliveries are "curbside". This means that any damage done to your property shall be the responsibility of someone other than Standard Materials. The scenario in the above question is a good example of how damage can occur because of unforeseen or undisclosed site conditions, and we cannot assume responsibility for them. That said, we realize that no one's perfect, including our drivers, and sometimes damage can occur because of driver error. We will evaluate any claim for damage on a case-by-case basis and stand behind our reputation of fairness and customer service.

Can you provide concrete in colors other than the ordinary gray color? I want to pour a sidewalk and would like it to be some other color such as brown.

We are currently evaluating offering concrete mixed at the plant with a variety of integral colors. For now, you may want to talk to the finisher about adding color, as well as a stamped pattern to the concrete through various methods that can be applied at the jobsite.

My recently poured concrete has developed cracks! Did you sell me defective concrete?

It's not impossible, but extremely unlikely. Nearly all concrete cracks, and does so for a variety of reasons, some of which can include improper substrate preparation, improper curing conditions, improper placing and finishing technique, and certain climatic conditions during the pour. Although we'd all agree that the cracks are unsightly, with proper reinforcing in place, the cracking is generally of no concern from a structural and durability aspect. Our sales and quality control staff will be glad to provide you with some guidelines that will minimize cracking.

I'm not a contractor. Can I buy concrete from Standard Materials?

Yes. We will gladly sell to individuals for their DIY home projects. If you have not established an open account, we will ship your concrete on a COD basis. The total for the job will be specified on the invoice, which accompanies the last load, and payment must be remitted to the driver at that time.

Because I'm buying less than 7 cubic yards of concrete, I was told I would be charged a delivery fee. Why is that?

Our costs of delivery are calculated on a "per trip" basis carrying 7 cubic yards. Because it costs just as much "per trip" to carry a lesser amount, we charge the delivery fee to recoup those costs. There is an exception to the "less than 7 cubic yards" fee. On jobs requiring multiple loads, the customer is allowed one load of less than 7 cubic yards to complete the job. There is no delivery fee for this "short" final load.

I bought concrete from another "local" ready mix company, and after I got the invoice for the concrete, I found that I was also being charged an "Environmental Fee" in addition to the price I was quoted. Does Standard Materials have the same fee?

No. We believe that environmental costs associated with ready mix production are part of doing business in a socially responsible manner, and should not be an additional fee that is added after the fact.


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